7 Must Have Life Hacks for Balance, Organization, and Under Eye Bags

7 Must Have Life Hacks

A good shortcut is worth it’s weight in gold in my household. With a million and one things to accomplish Read More →

Taking the Road Less Traveled: Foster Care Adoption


After having boy, after boy, after boy, and another boy, it was pretty clear that having a girl naturally was Read More →

Is This How Epic Sibling Rivalries Begin?

Is This How EpicSibling Rivalries Begin- (1)

As epic as Cain & Abel (minus that whole killing part), Venus & Serena, Alvin & the Chipmunks…sibling rivalries are Read More →

Remodeling and Room Additions, Call the Experts

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not handy at all, its something about my hand eye coordination that Read More →

Making Your Resolutions with Resolve this Year

28th of october 2015four in the afternoon

Every year many of us make the same optimistic list outlining how our life will be magically made anew when Read More →

A Gift of Culture: “The Diwali Gift” (Children’s Book Review)


I love having the opportunity to teach my little ones about different cultures around the world. Raising well-rounded, loving, and Read More →

“Peeology”, Legos, and Superheroes: Life with Boys

Peeolgoy, Legos, and Superheroes- Life with Boys

I figured just in case I don’t survive living with four boys (five, if you count the husband…I love you Read More →

Always Fun with Fundo’s Animal Alphabet (Book Review)


This isn’t your standard “A is for Apple” alphabet book. Instead, how about, “A is for alligator…Amy, the alligator, applauds Read More →

Family Fun Learning Spanish–“Herds of Birds” & “Frog Has No Fur” (Book Review)

Family Fun Learning Spanish---Herds of Birds- & -Frog Has No Fur- (Book Review)

Learning at least a second language can be of huge value nowadays. If you’re anything like me, the extent of Read More →

Is My Anxiety Ruining the Fun?


Just chill. Its what I tell myself several times a day, and many times to no avail. Its hard. As Read More →